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Why Organic Royal Quinoa:
Producers DO NOT use artificial fertilizers or chemicals.  Only Natural fertilizer are used like composted vegetables and/or camelid manure
*Farmers rely on rain water, They do not use artificial water channels for irrigation

*Soil is rested, as part of an appropriate and responsible soil management culture scheme.

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Our Quinoa Royal originating in the Andes of South America has its praise justified, since it is evidently known to contain all essential amino acids, important vitamins and minerals, fiber and healthy fats, considered the most complete grain in nutrients compared to other grains (Oats, wheat, corn, etc.) With the advantage that it does not contain gluten and can be consumed by celiac and babies in the form of porridge.


Our Quinoa Royal is produced in Bolivia at an altitude of 3,800 meters above sea level, near the “Salares de Uyuni” Potosí-Bolivia the world's greatest salt flats and largest reserves of lithium and potassium.


Royal quinoa differs from other varieties by having a larger grain 1.8 mm, other quinoa may be grown elsewhere 1.2 1.5 mm.


Our Royal Quinoa contains Lithium where plant absorbs from soil to be near the Salar de Uyuni. Lithium is an important mineral for mental health, which in combination with also interesting amounts of phenylalanine - stimulate brain activity, main elements of neurotransmitters that promotes alertness, Relief of pain and depression among other functions.